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Advanced GMAT Math Immersion Course


November 12-24, 2020 - 6 Days | 24 Hours.

GMAT Math Immersion: 24 Hours of Live Instruction on 700-800 Level Math Topics
$1390 | $490 non-refundable deposit required
GMAT Math Immersion Plus: Add 6+ Hours of 1-1 Coaching with Dr. Amar
$2,140 | $490 non-refundable deposit required

> $500 off for our former students <

It may surprise you to learn that a top GMAT math score does not require expertise in esoteric topics such as permutations/combinations. Actually, the exam is much more likely to create 700-800 level questions from such mundane topics as averages/median, ratios, algebraic expressions and equations, inequalities, prime numbers, and percentages. This course focuses on what the GMAT looks for in the highest value questions on topics that matter, and provides techniques to solve those problems in less than two minutes.

Many people do fairly well with GMAT's math problems on their own, then hit a plateau that they cannot seem to get past until they study with our GMAT guru, Dr. Amar. This course may be the best GMAT prep course for you if all of the following apply:

• You are aiming for a GMAT score of 700+.
• You have already hit a GMAT math scaled score of at least 40 on the official GMAT or on GMAT practice tests, but you are aiming for a score in the high 40s.
• You are proficient in algebra, percentages, ratios, statistics, and geometry, but have not been able to reach the highest level GMAT score on your own.
• You wish to dive deeply into approaches required for 700-800 level math problems.

Learn more about this opportunity to study with our GMAT guru, Dr. Amar: http://www.austingmatreview.com/advanced-math-immersion/4577857314

"I immediately saw the difference in Dr. Amar's approach to practice, timing and strategy....He also has a unique visual way of representing the quant problems that makes even the most complicated GMAT problems digestible in the allotted time. Dr. Amar enabled me to enter my retake with renewed confidence and the right strategy, allowing me to raise my score by a full 110 points." – Layci

"Dr. Amar is incredible at breaking down problems and making them easy to understand. He also shows you ways to think outside the box in order to solve some of the harder problems within 2 minutes. He's brilliant, fun, and truly cares about his students' success." - Justin

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